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VINNIE COLAIUTA.......LINER NOTES work in progress    


“I remember hearing about the opportunity to do this record and I was excited at the prospect…with my great old friends Tim Landers and Philippe Saisse from my Berklee days.  I got to work with Bruce Kulick for the first time and Eddy Offord.  Phillipe and I went to school together and Tim and I had played quite a few gigs together as well. 
So he told me about the project and away we went!  Thanks to Tim for recommending me.  We were at Levon Helm’s house in Woodstock where Eddy set up shop.  What a magical place to record!  And Woodstock in general being a great environment to create and make music without any extraneous urban noise and distractions. We had so much fun all playing together live in the same room. What great energy.  

And great, great musicians!  Stellar. 
Meeting Rozetta and being a part of her realizing her vision really had a vibe of “going for it”. She’s making her record and the excitement and commitment was palpable, and I think really translated onto the tracks.  She sang with power and conviction and we were all feeling that and it inspired us to go for it as well. 


We all basically lived in that environment and it was such an inspiring place.  I was quite new to the recording world as well so that added to it all for me. An exciting and new situation. I really loved the studio environment and this was a special one.  Being there with my good friends and meeting new ones are the things that great memories are made of, as well as building blocks in ones’ life story, and musical story and development.  Invaluable experience.  I don’t think that I can add anything more than my good friends here already have. They’ve said it beautifully, and have brought it all back to life again, in the same way that this re-mastered record does. 
We hope you enjoy it even half as much as we did making it!” 




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