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BLAKE LEVINSOHN ... Liner Notes   work in progress 


"The fall of 1979 was a magical time. Rozetta Stone and I were getting ready to embark on a full scale
recording adventure in Woodstock NY. The anticipation of creating a new LP 
was very exciting for
everyone involved. Not exactly sure of how everything would fall 
into place added to the thrill
of the event.


We knew we had a solid collection of new songs to record, but needed to rely on the expertise of our
producer Eddie Offord, and his engineer Rob Davies along with the talented musicians to bring the 
songs to life.

As the LP started to take shape, it was clear that this would be a unique recording and wild variations in her song collection.  Looking back on the event after 40 years, it reminds me how much fun it can be to create 
new music. I hope that this CD of the remastered original recordings will be an enjoyable 
listening experience for remastered - re-issue in 2020.

Blake 2020

Keyboard Player (co_writer of all songs Except "Pick Me up" )

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