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DARREN FUTCH Re-master Engineer work in progress 

" 1980's disco was fading into the background and " four on the floor rock" was moving swiftly into the forefront of "mainstream culture"  and Iconic MTV about to launch,  along comes an overlooked debut album by New York diva "Rosetta Stone". Italian by heritage and daring by nature, this rebellious singer songwriter literally translated the roller-coaster-ride of her complicated life into a collection and memorable variety of songs, every bit as complex and musically interesting as the subject matter of " life working and not working!


Maybe it was the land mines of broken relationships she’d maneuvered through and lived to tell about that fueled her edgy and confident stance and, possibly her bravado for taking on the world and it's problems. All this chaos revealed via honest vulnerability in her writing.... while most artists tried to hide behind a mask of being the “rock star”, Rozetta showcased her emotional disputes onto vinyl to share with the world - in my opinion-  Where's My one of the most honest albums recorded. 


Stories of heartache and hope are the foundation that forged these nine original songs, true stories of  triumph and tragedy, enlightenment and integrity, and a insightful authenticity hard to find in the mass of mundane music we are exposed to.


If you are ready to step forward into the timeless world of Rozetta be assured’s a dynamic ride which will take you places that leave you breathless and wounded, restless and wild, confused and unsure, but more than anything else will profoundly remind you" that you are not alone" 
Rozetta' Stone has been there ... 


Darren Futch 
Re-master Engineer 2020

work in progress

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