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BRUCE KULICK   Liner Notes....  work in progress 

"So many memories flash through my mind revisiting this early 80’s release,  just prior to my guitar journey
with KISS that was about to begin for me.  
Rozetta was an eclectic NYC singer/ songwriter, with a flare for
which showed in her emotionally charged lyrics and vocals.  This woman had a point of view
at all times, although her vulnerable side was 
always evident no matter how brave and brazen she
I respected her love of music, and her creative nature. This LP takes the listener to all of Rozetta’s inner mind, from her fighting nature, sharing her heartaches, and searching for her perfect man,“her hero”. 

The rock single her label requested, of course was a pleasure for me to collaborate along with her. I fused
WHO/KISS vibe that showcasing Rozetta’s edgy behavior, with her a
lluring female lyrics and “Pick Me Up”
was conceived to fit the rock single vibe for her release. 

So much of the rest of the LP ventures into many styles that are super musical,  
showcasing a totally
“who who’s” of fusion jazz rock pop masters that all went on to 
amazing illustrious careers.  Let’s start with
the rhythm section. Vinnie Colaiuta, is considered one of the best drummers in the world. (Why would
Sting/Frank Zappa/ Jeff Beck hire him!)  
Best groove, and timing I ever heard, playing drum fills that were polyrhythmic, of course with total perfection! 

Add in Tim Landers on bass, another incredible schooled player with a great resume, and the rhythm
section was for my world, unstoppable, and a level of performance I only heard from huge fusion
rock star groups.  Lastly, the glue to the band, was a French keyboard super talent named Philippe Saisse.
The second I heard how he commanded the piano, I was in awe. In my mind he played the perfect 
musical director and I followed his direction to the letter.

I remember  asking him, “how can I improve, be honest with me!”  He gave me some tips that I still honor and follow. And in the jazz fusion stylings of David Sancious from the "E Street Band"  as a guest player on some tracks, and you have the solid 9 songs that gave Rozetta a great debut release. For me the entire experience of creating her album with a monster band of this ability was never forgotten. It only helped
me strive to improve and work better with players, even if they intimidate you!  

Back to Rozetta.  Here’s a unique woman whose passion in her voice is undeniable, (no matter how dreamy or excited she gets), her personality screams out in every song, her lyrics reach out to the listener drawing you into her psyche never really knowing if she would ever be happy, or find that true love. But you have to admire  and respect her for that desire. Don’t get in her way while she is reaching for “her hero”.  Heroic
she was in her quest, no matter if she reached it or not.  Come share her musical journey, backed by a hungry young band, including the very green Bruce Kulick.......All of us were exploring the musical
landscape that Rozetta created, and our result helped turn her music into a technicolor musical tapestry.

work in progress

Bruce Kulick,
2020 Guitars

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