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TIM LANDERS    Liner in progress 

As I remember things.. the Levon Helm house and the remote location in Woodstock, NY were big
factors in creating the group sound we achieved We spent nearly every hour of every day together and became musical “family ” that summer.  Many ups and downs during the initial recording period molding
the musical concept and approach that Rozetta was hoping for, always trying to keep Rozetta confident that she had selected all the right players and re-assuring her her album was going to sound amazing in the end. 


Eddie Offord’s method of recording in those days, using an open room concept was very strange at first and ended up becoming how and why we transformed us into a real band.  All of the musicians and the recording engineers were set in the same room together forming a semi-circle and ...of course Rosetta singing along feeding us the feeling  and the emotional requirements of every take.

When it was time to hit the big “red button” we’d all go under headphones and Eddie would mute the “Big Reds” reference monitors and off we’d go with another intimate take. 

It was an unusual setup but very cool not having to be in a typically confined recording studio space, where normally musicians are divided by glass and baffle partitions, so we could more easily communicate visually as we played. I think the concept worked well and it was super fun and very effective in helping create a real-band-feel- cohesive unit sound.


Philippe, you did an amazing job interpreting Rozetta’s songs and keeping things organized as we went through all the material. She had well crafted portfolio of songs but not knowing how to read n write ...
making it hard to explain in "music lingo" what it was she was really wanted. 


We had a great working relationship with Rosetta,  she felt very comfortable working with us... which was

a big deal considering this was her first big recording contract and a lot of money was on the line. She
also did something rarely done these days, she sang along with every take to keep us inspired and on
track what amazing energy and stamina and definitely motivating.


It being summer weather, we spent lots of down time between takes outdoors in the big yard. I remember
at one point Rozetta chasing Vinnie around with a running garden hose because she was upset that he didn’t want to do another take - I think the tune was “Voodoo” if I remember correctly - he was confident his take was “the one” and he liked the part he’d created. Well, Rozetta wasn’t exactly a pushover by any means and she let him know it.  It all worked out of course..... all I can say is it’s a good thing both Rosetta and Vinnie are both Italian....  :)     

Tim Landers 2020

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