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DAVID SANSCIOUS   ... LINER Notes  work in progress 

David is a Hard Man To Locate...someone mentioned he moved to Hawaii...I'm still trying to get in touch with David for "HIS voice to be heard'  regarding Liner Notes.....but here are some facts from other band members in regards to how he came to play guitar and keyboards on my record. I will continue scouting and hunting down information and anything anyone can remember so I can keep adding real facts to David Liner Notes.

Eddie was finishing work in 1979 as co-producer and engineer, on David Sancious album "Just As I Thought ....when Rosetta and her entourage of musicians arrive on the scene ... combined with 70's "hanging out vibe....David extended his stay and played on a few songs, he even played an amazing guitar solo on Rozetta's song "I'm Onto You."-


Back to Rozetta.....after final mixes on David Sancious Album Eddie moved straight into Rozetta's Album bringing Philippe Saisse in as a co-producer/ Musical Director Blake Levinsohn who co-wrote 8 of the 9 songs ...could not write out charts for the bass player and drummer and since this was not a band.... charts were needed to move things along to stay within time and budget.


work in progress

work in progress


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